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Project Name:  Data-driven implementation of a behavioural Antimicrobial Stewardship approach and expert consultancy for a more appropriate use of antimicrobials in Europe.

Poject Acronym: DRIVE-AMS

Project Number: 10107998

Entry to force of the grant: 13-10-2022

Project Start Date: 01-11-2022

Project End Date: 31-10-2025

Coordinator: Stichting Radboud Universitair Medish Centrum

Project Summary: Effective response to AMR entails prudent antimicrobial use (AMU) and improvement of AMU surveillance, which are both key priorities of the EU One Health Action Plan on AMR, suggesting antimicrobial stewardship programmes (ASP) need to be strengthened across the Union. ASP as recognised step towards improving AMU, has 3 core components: a) system prerequisites (BASICs, including AMU measurement); b) WHAT the AMS team wants to improve; and c) HOW the AMS team will achieve these goals. In existing programmes, a lot of emphasis is placed on the ‘WHAT’ of AMS, and little attention is generally paid on the ‘HOW’ within an ASP: HOW to make sure professionals comply to these ‘WHAT’ recommendations. This usually requires behaviour change approach.

Objetives: General objective of DRIVE-AMS is to reduce inappropriate AMU through supporting effective implementation of Antimicrobial Stewardship (AMS) interventions using a step-wise behaviour change approach.This objective will contribute to the European and national targets for reducing inappropriate antimicrobial use and tackling AMR. Combining the 3 key elements (measurement, training and implementation) into one DRIVE-AMS course would enhance the impact of data-driven training and sustainable AMS implementation, through: i) understanding AMS principles (BASICS, the WHAT); ii) identifying gaps in AMU by pre-course Point Prevalence Survey (PPS); iii) providing 4-day course on the HOW of AMS, and developing "My Project" AMS intervention; iv) providing 6-month expert support for “My Project” implementation; v) measuring impact by post-course PPS. DRIVE-AMS project will: a)build capacity of national experts; b)deliver national DRIVE-AMS courses; c)provide expert support for "My Project" implementation. To enable access to DRIVE-AMS in rest of Europe, we foresee: a) continuation of national DRIVE-AMS courses, extending capacity (TTT) to other EU countries, continuing G-PPS support, sustaining expert support to EU and non-EU countries. 

Estimated Project Cost
Total Cost: 1,267,464.22 EUR
Budget of Centro Hospitalar Universitário São João for the project: 128,079.00 EUR (with funding from the European Union - EU4Health - at 80%

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