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Project Name: Revolution of sleep diagnostics and personalized health care based on digital diagnostics and therapeutics with health data integration.


Project Number: 965417

Project Start Date: 01/03/2021

Project End Date: 28/02/2025

Project SummaryThe SLEEP REVOLUTION aims to develop machine learning techniques to better estimate OSA severity and treatment needs to improve health outcomes and quality of life. These techniques are implemented to high-end wearables developed in this project to alleviate the costs and increase the availability of PSGs. Finally, we aim to design a digital platform that functions as a bridge between researchers, patients and healthcare professionals.

Coordinator: Reykjavik University


  • Transform current diagnostic methods for SDB
  • To bring advanced sleep diagnostics from hospital into patient’s home
  • To promote participatory health care with technological solutions
  • Develop different personalized treatment options for SDB patients


  • Increase EU's capacity to innovate in the area of medical instruments technologies through the development of new diagnostic tools
  • Improve the quality and sustainability of healthcare systems through quicker and more encompassing diagnosis of medical conditions
  • Contribute to the growth of the European diagnostics sector, in particular for SMEs
  • Reinforce EU's role among world leaders in the production of medical diagnostic devices


  • Total Cost: 15.389.965 €
  • Budget of Centro Hospitalar Universitário São João for the project: 146.215 €

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